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$800 Affidavit to Transfer Real Property (our fee includes all court/copy/recording fees)

$2000 Informal or Formal Probate (our fee includes all court/copy/publishing and recording fees)

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time for families. All the planning and work that go into the memorial and funeral can be exhausting. Then you need to deal with paying the bills and dividing the assets left behind. Many people believe a Will is all you need, but a Will still requires some type of Probate process. It may be simplified because there aren't many assets to divide. But there is still a significant amount of paperwork required to get access to bank accounts and to transfer personal property like a car. There is even more paperwork required when you need to transfer real property, like a house or land. We have extensive experience with all the documents required to smoothly handle this transfer and make the process of an uncontested Probate as easy as possible.

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Filing fees, process service fees publishing fees, recording fees excluded. Please phone for information on current court fees and deferral applications.