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We at Document Preparation Specialists, LLC have over 15 years experience preparing Arizona Divorce documents, Bankruptcy documents, Wills, Living TrustsPower of Attorney, Child Support Modification documents, Incorporations, LLCsPaternity, Probate, QDRO and much, much more for our customers.

Our success is based on one simple principle,

We will work with you to get the job done, whether that means coming in early or staying late at the office or meeting with our customer at their home or office. We will mail, fax or hand deliver documents to you and be prepared to notarize them for you when you get them in person. We have no hidden "extra costs" that you will be asked pay. All fees are clearly stated up front and discussed with you before you sign our contract for services.

Document Preparation Specialists, LLC provides document preparation services in Phoenix Arizona to both individuals and businesses. We give the same attention to all clients, no matter how large or small. The documents prepared at Document Preparation Specialists, LLC are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring our clients documents are of the highest quality and accuracy possible.

We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. The customer is responsible for providing accurate information to us in our clear and easy to complete worksheets so the professionally prepared documents will be correct when completed.

We will, at no cost to you, refer you to an attorney for a phone consultation if you have legal advice questions.  If you feel you need to hire an attorney to represent you, you should.  Our most important goal is your satisfaction and while we want your business, we don't want it at the expense of losing your confidence and continued patronage.  We'd much rather have your referral.